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Sullivans Island real estate - round house

For anyone keeping an eye out for beach real estate in the Charleston area, Sullivans Island is certainly a great choice. When you start looking at property here, you’ll probably first notice the wide variety available. The town is home to a mix of quaint older beach houses and modern luxury real estate. Sullivans’ character is defined by the close-knit residential community who call the island home. Homeowners either live and raise families here full time or use their property as a primary second home.

The island’s main attraction, of course, is its natural, undeveloped beaches. Residents also enjoy the small shopping district, which features a handful of locally owned businesses. No big-box stores here! You’ll also find some good-quality eateries — area locals who don’t live on Sullivans actually pop over just to enjoy a workday lunch or weekend brunch.

Another standout characteristic of the town is its strong connection with history and its residents’ drive to preserve the heritage of Sullivans Island. When the time came to replace the 50-odd-year-old Ben Sawyer Bridge, residents rallied to ensure an exact replica was built in its place. Other connections to the past include the island’s lighthouse and Fort Moultrie.

If you want to see more, check out the high-def video below for gorgeous views of the Charleston Harbor and representative examples of the real estate available on Sullivans Island. Top area realtor Bob Brennaman guides this tour of the town and discusses his own history with the island. Find out why the west end of the island is his favorite and what makes the town’s public elementary school so special. If you have questions or want to arrange an in-person tour, a quick call to 843-345-6074 will put you in touch with Bob.