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History and Historical Sites: Sullivan’s Island

Historical Sites of Sullivan’s Island:

Here are some of the more notable historical sites in Sullivan’s Island:

Fort Moultrie, 1214 Middle Street:  Operated by the National Park Service, this fort is part of the Fort Sumer National Monument.  On an average 72,864 visitors come to the Fort each year.  Throughout the year there are special program offered by the Park Service.    Visitors pay a small entrance fee.  Across the street from Fort Moultrie is a visitor’s center with a museum.

Officer’s Quarters:  Although now privately owned, the grand homes of the officer’s quarters still stand.  These marvelous properties were built in the 1800s.

Remnants of the Old Military Base Gates:  Located along Middle Street at Station 18 you will find the entrances to the old military base.

Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse & Rescue Buildings:  Formerly a Coast Guard station, the Lighthouse is the most powerful lighthouse on the East Coast and is the only East Coast lighthouse that has an interior elevator. The Lighthouse was built in 1964.

Batteries Capron and Butler:  Located in Sullivan’s Island Park, these batteries are owned by the Town of Sullivan’s Island.

Cemeteries:  Although only a few grave markers still remain, the cemetery located at Station 22 1/2 was the African American cemetery.  Located at Station 22 and Myrtle Street is the old cemetery for the town’s white residents (back in the day).  There are few grave markers left.

Stella Maris Catholic Church:  In 1873 this church was constructed with the rubble of Fort Moultrie.

Sullivan’s Island has a rich history and played a critical role in the nation’s early military events.  Attached please a portion of the Town of Sullivan’s Island’s Comprehensive Plan that discusses the history of the Island.  It is a PDF document.