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The Sullivan’s Island Historic District is located in the central-western portion of Sullivan’s Island. The area represents what had historically been the core residential and administrative areas of Fort Moultrie. The period of significance for the district extends from circa 1870 through circa 1950 and reflects the construction dates of its earliest and latest contributing extant buildings. The Sullivan’s Island Historic District includes twenty single-family dwellings that were constructed as officers’ quarters by the U.S. Army circa 1905. Of these, one was the Base Commander’s Quarters, nine were Senior Officers’ Quarters and ten were Junior Officers’ Quarters. The Base Commander’s Quarters is the largest and most elaborate of the houses. The Bachelor Officers’ Quarters, a large multi-unit building, was constructed circa 1900. Other military-related buildings in the district are the Administration Building, the Post Exchange and Gymnasium, and the Electrical Shop. The houses fronted the beach when originally constructed but over time sufficient land has accreted to allow for the construction of one additional street and three rows of houses. The seven non-military historically single-family residences are typical of the property type “Island Houses,” yet are illustrative of the eclectic architectural character of the type. Listed in the National Register September 6, 2007.

View a map showing the boundaries of the Sullivan’s Island Historic District.