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Osceola: Seminole Warrior Who died on Sullivan’s Island

Among the great Native American warriors are Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Geronimo, all of whom are associated with the United States’ western expansion and the resistance it provoked. These were figures of the Wild West and now part of America’s mythology. But...

Unbridled Beauty: Sullivan’s Island’s Nature Boardwalk

Winding through the forest between Station 16 and the beach, the nature trail on Sullivan’s Island offers a wonderful way to experience the town’s diverse scenery. The trail extends more than 650 feet and features boardwalks, benches and observation areas that take...

The New Sullivan’s Island Elementary School

Imagine an elementary school perched above a beautiful beach, not unlike a sand castle. Inside, classrooms are level with the tops of the trees, children can peek into neighboring rooms through porthole-like windows, and they can touch and...