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Today marks the 231st anniversary of the Battle of Fort Sullivan which is celebrated as Carolina Day. On June 28, 1776, Charlestonians got word that the British were coming. They hastily constructed a fort out of palmetto logs and before they could complete the fort, the British fleet arrived. However, General William Moultrie and his troops were able to defend Charleston because the palmetto logs were able to withstand the cannon fire because of their spongy fibers. This is why the palmetto tree was later added to the South Carolina state flag.
Today, a new statue of Moultrie erected at White Point Gardens will be unveiled during the Carolina Day celebration. The monument not only honors Moultrie, but also serves as a fresh reminder of the city’s Revolutionary War history, which is just as rich but is often overshadowed by its Civil War history, says Rick Hatcher, a National Park Service historian whose offices are at Fort Moultrie