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Pet friendly Sullivan’s Island just got even more pet friendly, it’s winter season again on the beach, bringing with it 24/7 access for your dog, and 7 off leash hours.

Beach Dog Hours

Sullivans Island Dog Rules photographed on 10/14/2011 - ©Cian

October 1st – April 30th
Off Leash: 5:00am to Noon
On Leash: Noon to 5:00am

May 1st – September 30th
Off leash: 5:00am to 10:00am
No Dogs: 10:00am to 6:00pm
On Leash: 6:00pm to 5:00am


Dog Permit

Whether you are a visitor or a resident you must get an annual Sullivan’s Island Dog Permit for $35 ($25 for residents) which you can get from the town hall. They’ll only give you one if you sign a notarized  affidavit saying you have insurance against dog bites (check your homeowners policy, it may provide coverage). You’ll also need a Rabies certificate from your Vet (you should have been given this when your pet was last vaccinated) – your vet issued rabies tag is not sufficient. For further information on the dog permit visit : http://www.sullivansisland-sc.com/faqs.aspx

Sullivan’s Island is Dog friendly; it can be difficult balancing the needs of general tourism, and those of tourists and locals alike with dogs. Sullivan’s Island strikes a much better balance when compared to most other areas – in fact, wide swathes of Florida’s beaches are now completely off limits to pet owners, day or night, leashed or free.

Sullivans Island Beach

Wide Open Dog Paradise, Sullivans Island Beach - ©Cian

Some may argue that all these requirements and fees are overbearing by the town – but once you go to Sullivans Island you will realize that it’s all for the best. They do a great job keeping the beach clean and safe for everyone – and there’s a very well stocked supply of doggie waste bags for owners to clean up after themselves. With so many beaches nationwide becoming completely offlimits to even leashed animals, Sullivans Island is a rare blessing in that it even has off leash hours.