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Sullivan’s Island placed restrictions and now prohibits no new short term rentals on the Island (currently Sullivan’s Island short term rentals are less than 100–and these are grandfathered-in), and now Isle of Palms is considering following this trend according to ABC News 4.

Many homeowners are frustrated with the noise and believe building is out of control on the Island. Folly Beach recently enforced a moratorium that prohibits any new building on the island until they have reviewed, modified, and revamped their official planning and zoning ordinances that are out of date. And, this is what some of Isle of Palms homeowners want.

According to the ABC News, there are approx. 1500 rental properties (which is nearly half of the homes on Isle of Palms).

“If the City doesn’t pass an ordinance limiting the number of short term rentals to Islanders’ liking, many residents say they plan to take the matter into their own hands. And they can. By State law, citizens can pass an ordinance by way of petition. If they can gather support from at least 15% of registered voters, a vote must be held.”

A rental advisory committee has also approached Council with its own set of recommendations. City Council will further discuss short term rental laws at its next meeting on February 22nd.

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