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Sullivan’s Island

Sullivan’s Island is one of the most beautiful and unique places to live in South Carolina. It is a wonderful place to live for many reasons. One on side of the island you have the gorgeous beaches with white sands and dunes and on the other side is the Intracoastal Waterway. You can kayak, surf, boogie board, crab, or just stroll around the area and stop in at one of the local restaurants for a quick bite to eat!

Only a few miles away from the historic city of Charleston, Sullivan’s Island’s location perfect for those who want to live a laid back lifestyle but still experience the amenities that a city has to offer such as great King Street shopping and world class restaurants.

Named for Florence O’Sullivan, Sullivan’s Island is a historic beach town, the feel of the island is both historic and charming. Many of the homes on the island are historic, many having been built during the nineteenth century. The island’s biggest claim to fame in history is its most prized historic attraction, Fort Moultrie. Built in 1776, the American forces led by Colonel William Moultrie were able to fight off invading British ships in the Charleston Harbor. This victory is still celebrated today on the day of its occurrence every year, June 28, 1776.

The island has been a Summer Retreat for South Carolinians since the early nineteenth century. It has attracted many prominent visitors and at one time the southwest end of the island was known as “Millionaire’s Row” due to the three and four story homes that were built there; some of which still stand today. These visitors generally frequented the island during the summer months. A ferryboat and a trolley car carried summer visitors to the island and oftentimes people would visit from Charleston for a Sunday afternoon outing. They would bring their horses and buggies over on the ferry for a ride on the beach.

Permanent Population in 1998-1,800

Isle of Palms

Originally known as Hunting Island and later Long Island, Isle of Palms is one of Charleston’s most beloved Islands. The only inhabitants of Isle of Palms were the SeeWee Indians until the nineteenth century when Charlestonians began to use the land as a summer getaway. In 1899, J.S. Lawrence purchased the island and renamed it Isle of Palms. Seven years later a hotel was built on the island and in 1912 a beach pavilion was built on the ocean side and it became a popular beach attraction boasting several amusements, including a Ferris wheel. After the Grace Memorial Bridge was opened in 1929, the island’s popularity grew and the landscape of Isle of Palms, or as the residents call it, I.O.P., has been growing and changing ever since.

The islands main attraction is its six mile white sandy beach, however, just like Sullivan’s Island, the western side of the island sits on the Intracoastal Waterway. Also on I.O.P. is the beautiful gated resort of Wild Dunes. This resort offers two world-renown golf courses, tennis center and many other amenities as well. Just outside of Wild Dunes is the Isle of Palms Marina, which is a full service marina that offers customized boating excursions, kayak trips, and much much more! The island also boasts some of the best restaurants in South Carolina, including the Long Island Cafe and the Boathouse. Or if you just want to make a lazy afternoon of it, stop by the Acme Cantina for a beer on the deck and enjoy the summer sea breeze.

Population Year Round-5,000

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